Monday, 24 March 2014

April edition British Horse Magazine

Road Safety article
Pick up a copy.

It's still dangerous to ride out of your yard, how safe you are can depend on how prepared you are to go the extra distance to be seen.

As you know 'fashion' should have nothing to do with staying safe, so please wear hi-viz at all times, on yourself and your horse.  

Drivers see your horses legs first, put boots or straps on all 4 legs.  yellow is quicker to see than pink.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Club Cyclists, why are they so ignorant?

Why cyclists? Why can't you just think for a moment about other people?

This is a letter published in the Sept/Oct 2013 British Horse magazine.

The club cyclists are oblivious of horses on the road in my area too, they need to learn some manners and to learn the rules of not only the highway, but of the British Cycling Club too.

W B Tait, call Bob Brayshaw, he is the Cylcing Club Chairman and a police officer.

After tirelessly campaigning for better understanding on the roads, these guys just want to cycle as fast as they can regardless of who or what is in their way.  its just plain dangerous.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Road Safety Update:

...another letter to The Editor...

Dear Jo,

Thank goodness Spring is coming! I can't cope with any more mud!!

Yet another letter appearing in a HORSE magazine by a motorist that provokes me to write. I am beginning to wonder whether you do it on purpose!

And, not unusually, I'm cross…again.

What kind of people need recognition and praise before doing the right thing? the safe thing? and operating within the guidelines of the law?

Furthermore, what has a perceived attitude, deciphered in a few seconds by watching riders, to do with driving safety?

The riders that ride 2 abreast do so for safety. It's quite terrifying being the rider on the outside I can tell you, but when you’ve got a young or inexperienced rider or horse, its the correct thing to do.  It's how we all learn. Monkey see, monkey do.

In all likelihood young riders, not old enough to drive will have little appreciation of drivers, they wont twig their needs, and  because they're trying to stay alive on the roads, they're quite busy with their own problems 'selfishly', riding on the roads is terrifying.

My Mum and Dad, enrolled me into the Pony Club road safety course before they were happy for me to take to the roads with my pony Brandy.  And a great service they did too. The Pony Club is how we all learn, at least that was how it was years ago.

Give riders a break, and don't take any risks with other peoples life just because you don’t get a thank-you, a cup of tea and a bun!

We're not at school any more, grow-up!


Saturday, 26 January 2013

New Year Plan...


Get out and about as the winter thaws into spring. be safe, be seen.

...wear hi-viz, you and your horse.
Happy Hacking.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Saturday, 17 November 2012

recognise anyone?

...look closely...recognise anyone?

...yes! me riding Henry, so stunning, and John on his bike! (he's not bad either)...remember the day? ...of course below is Tom, so gorgeous.